Business Law

Central Florida’s business community has seen monumental growth, and we have grown along with it, providing advice to clients with diverse needs and business models.

Real Estate

At the initial stages of a real estate transaction, we can assist you in negotiating the best deal and preparing a written contract that will protect you from unforeseen circumstances.

Trusts & Guardianships

Nearly everyone will experience the death of a loved one, or a situation where legal guardianship is necessary for someone who is unable to manage affairs for him or herself.

Estate Planning

If you have not taken an opportunity to create an estate plan, you are leaving your children or other family at the mercy of whatever the law happens to provide for on the day you die.

Civil Litigation

Things don’t always go as we plan. Litigation, whether over business affairs, personal matters, real estate, or accidents, will probably touch all of us at some point in our lives.


About Our Firm

Are we experienced? Yes, we've been around the block a few hundred thousand times.

Straughn & Turner, P.A. traces its roots to 1950 when the firm was founded by Jack Straughn (1925-2000). Straughn & Turner is among Polk County's most respected firms, an image that we have cultivated through hard work and careful attention to our relationships with our clients.

Our practice has been multidimensional over the years, giving us the experience in a variety of areas, including business, real estate, personal injury, criminal law, family law, and general litigation. Currently, our practice is focused on real estate, business law, trusts, probate, estate planning and civil litigation.

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