Practice Areas

Business Law

Central Florida’s business community has seen monumental growth, and we have grown along with it, providing advice to clients with diverse needs and business models. With contacts and client relationships across Winter Haven in transportation, health care, real estate development, citrus, construction and a variety of other industries, our business lawyers in Florida have the resources and experience to help you and your business succeed in every stage of growth.

Starting A Business

Florida law allows for a dizzying array of business entities: corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, limited partnerships and more. Our Winter Haven business lawyers will work with you, your accountant and your partners to select the corporate structure that works best for you and your business.

The most important piece of the business formation puzzle is the creation of an agreement among the partners about how the business will be managed and run. Termed a shareholder agreement, operating agreement or partnership agreement, this document needs to be carefully drafted to properly shield you from liability and provide a workable management structure for your business—without being overly confusing or complicated. We help make sure you and your partners have discussed all the important issues and documented them in writing.

Buying or Selling A Business

Buying or selling a business is complicated. There are often regulatory issues, franchise issues, financing arrangements, title problems, employee concerns and other matters that must be addressed. An experienced legal representative can make that process much easier. From contract to closing, we can help ensure that your business transactions go smoothly.

Running A Business

Our Winter Haven business lawyers have been a part of the Central Florida business community for over fifty years. We know business law, and we know the types of problems you face every day. We understand the hard work you have put into making your business successful, and we are here to offer our expertise and experience to keep things on the right track. Whether you need us to prepare contracts with your vendors or customers, handle issues with employees, or handle litigation, we are here for your business.