Richard E. Straughn Appointed to Polk County Efficiency Commission

Monday, January 28, 2013 · News

Richard E. Straughn has been appointed to Polk’s second Efficiency Commission. A nominating committee of local political and business leaders nominated 25 people to serve on the panel.

The commission’s job is to conduct a study of government in Polk County. Specifically, the panel is supposed to examine everything from the organizational structure to the effectiveness of any part of county government.

The commission will also look for ways to improve and to reduce the cost of Polk County services “in a responsible and effective manner,” which could include looking at privatizing some services or the consolidation of services among levels of local government within Polk County.

The Efficiency Commission is required to submit an interim report by Jan. 31, 2014. Its final report listing the commission’s recommendations is due a year later.

After the panel presents its recommendations to the County Commission, the county manager is required to respond to the recommendations within a year, explaining which recommendations were adopted and which ones were rejected.